Unique Gift Basket Ideas

Here are some themes for basket design ideas that we hope you 
will find helpful.  Use your imagination to combine these ideas  
and create some new ideas with your own special touches!  
Send us an e-mail with YOUR CREATIVE IDEAS!

  • RELAX AND ENJOY–Great for bridal shower, new mom or anyone that just deserves a break!  Include soothing aromatherapy bath products such as bath salts or teas, soaps or bubble bath.  And some nice candles, lotions, relaxing tea blends and maybe a nice journal.  A bath pillow, slippers or a nice terry bath towel might be some extra luxurious touches, too!  Use some soft flowers for extra enhancements.
  • NIGHT OF ROMANCE–Perfect for wedding, anniversary or Valentine’s gifts!  Include massage oils, chocolates, candle, wine glasses and sensuous bath salts.  (Note:  Don’t forget that chocolate absorbs scents, so you might have to wrap chocolates in a separate little bag or put extra shrink wrap on them.)
  • PASTA LOVERS–Very popular basket!  Great for wedding, new home or just because!  Include gourmet pasta, marinara sauce, breadsticks or garlic bread mix, dessert, pasta server and/or wooden spoon, and a candle.  Try a small bunch of plastic or beaded grapes or some grape vines and leaves for additional enhancements!
  • ANGELS AMONG US–Give this to someone who has been an angel!  Include angel soaps, an angel/cherub figurine, journal, teas, lotions, angel sachets or angel pins.  Try marketing these to local churches to send to church members as get well gifts.
  • TIME FOR COMFORT–For the person going through a rough time, think soothing.  How about a gourmet chicken noodle soup mix. journal, teas, cocoas, candles or a nice set of stationery.   These make great get well gifts or thinking of you!
  • BEYOND THE GARDEN GATE–Know someone with a green thumb!  Use gardening tools, gloves, seed packets, row markers, plant food, gardeners hand cream, gardening theme sachets, picture frames or notepads.  Wrap it all up in a beautiful flowerpot, watering can or wooden picket fence container!  Try marketing these to local landscape designers as customer appreciation gifts.  Or talk to local nurseries about designing some of these for their store.
  • WELCOME HOME–Great for new homeowner!  Realtors, banks & mortgage companies love these!  Include an address book, post it notes, refrigerator magnets, welcome sign, note cards, personalized stationery (you can do these on your computer for your special customers), candles, picture frames, gourmet soups or cookie mixes, coffees and maybe some snacks for the kids!  Let the banks or realtors include a pen or mug with their company logos.
  • MARGARITAVILLE–Use colorful Southwestern style basket or container for this fun basket!  Include margarita mix, decorative margarita salt, salsas, chips, dips, playing cards and margarita glasses.  (Note: make sure your mixes don’t contain any alcohol unless you have a liquor license or the customer furnished the mix to you!)
  • COOKIE LOVERS DREAM–Try a nice cookie jar or cookie platter for this yummy basket!  Include gourmet cookies and cookie mixes, cookie cutters, spatula, wooden spoon, coffees, cocoas, mini cookie recipe book and a sugar cookie scented candle!
  • BACKYARD CHEF–Great man’s gift, wedding or new homeowners!  Include gourmet BBQ sauces, spices or marinades, BBQ baster, mini BBQ cookbook, chef quality spatula, mitts and a Chef’s hat for that extra touch.
  • CHAMOIS AND SHINE–Car lovers dream basket!  Include special car cleaners & waxes, chamois, cloths, sponges, cleaning brushes, key chain and special auto scent products.  Try putting all of this in a nice bucket or basket!  Market these to car dealers as customer appreciation gifts.
  • KITCHEN CUPBOARD--Perfect for weddings and new homeowners!  Make these special baskets up in a variety of price ranges and sizes.  Start with some of these ideas:  wooden spoons, utensils, nice dish towels or linen roll covers, pot holders, cookbook, timer, trivet, spoon rest, recipe holder, candles with kitchen scents like Baked Apple Pie, teas, mugs, gourmet spices, sauces or mixes.  Use other containers like bowls or a roasting pan!  Another basket that realtors love!
  • SUNDAE DELIGHT–Ice cream lovers will enjoy this basket!  Put in an ice cream scoop, gourmet syrups, nuts and other toppings, sundae spoons, linen napkins, sundae/fountain glasses and maybe a little notepad with a picture of ice cream on them.  If you have any local ice cream shops try marketing this basket to them.  Offer to make some up for them with some of their products or special coupons.
  • TIME IN A BOTTLE–Create memories with a Time Capsule.  Include an elegant writing pen, stationery, envelopes, acid free papers, journal, picture album and picture frames.  Put these items in a nice hinged lid basket, metal box or beautiful hatbox.  Create a *New Baby* Time capsule using these same products with baby themes.  If you really want to get creative try making up some beautiful colored forms on your computer like a *Letter to the Future* that you could include in this.  Design a form with lots of lines for writing and add a few sheets to the basket.  Market these ideas to new moms and new brides.  Talk to your local hospital about putting these in their gift shop.
  • MEMORIES OF MY TRAVELS–Try promoting these to travel agencies.  Include a travel journal, stationery, fine writing pen, travel candle, photo album and soothing linen sprays for the nights away from home.
  • AFTERNOON TEA–Include a variety of special tea blends, tea cup and saucer, tea pot, cookies or other snacks, candles, honey, silver tea spoon or special gourmet tea spoons coated with flavoring, honey or sugar crystals.
  • MOVIE NIGHT–In a large bowl for popcorn, place some microwave popcorn, variety of candy, a gift certificate for a movie rental, and a couple of cans or bottles of soda.
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